13.08.2018 - Charles Hoskinson Video on Icarus

In the latest video from Charles Hoskinson, he introduces Icarus, IOHK’s reference client project:


  • reference project, so this is not a product
  • to encourage development of third-party application ecosystem
  • Google chrome extension
  • can be ported to other platforms like Mozilla Firefox, or mobile applications
  • it is a full wallet running in Google Chrome
  • does not have copy of blockchain but can do everything you can do with Icarus
  • recovery is considerably faster (2-3 minutes)
  • it is a light wallet since it doesn’t require you to download the entire blockchain
  • will help out users who have ‘connecting to network’ issues or can’t get Daedalus to work
  • written as a hybrid of Rust and Javascript
  • Cardano has had numerous approaches from people creating third-party wallets and IOHK audited their design and realized many were not secure and safe
  • created this reference design for people who wanted to create mobile wallets and browser-based wallets, in a safe and secure way
  • similar to how Android has a reference design that Google constructs
  • the hope is that people will build an ecosystem around this, especially as ADA gets more capabilities like Ledger support, multi-sig, etc.
  • this code base is running parallel to Cardano code base
  • look forward to browser developers to come in and play around with Icarus
  • Saturn and Jaxx (crypto wallets) have shown interest in ADA support
  • the way Icarus is constructed as a reference client and library, it should provide good clarity for anyone who wants to have support for ADA
  • over time, will keep updating and maintaining code base so that when new functionalities like delegation are added, IOHK will continue to provide support


  • Emurgo have decided to use Icarus and create Yoroi, a desktop wallet
  • this will launch in the testnet this month
  • with plans to launch in mainnet in September
  • very consumer-friendly experience with a basic one-click install from Chrome web store
  • IOHK reviewed the thousand of Daedalus logs they’ve received, indication is that usually people with issues in Daedalus were either in areas with difficult network conditions or in areas with old computers
  • with this wallet living in the Chrome ecosystem, and its light-weight nature and the standardized communication with the explorer, it should be much better experience for people to use (especially those with Daedalus issues)
    Further details of Yoroi can be found here.


  • this project is all open source and under MIT license
  • IOHK is hiring an open-source software director
  • beginning the process of opening up Cardano project for third-party contributions
  • currently, IOHK uses an internal issue tracker and want to pull these into GitHub wherever possible
  • there have been discussions on the intention that Cardano Foundation should get involved in managing a Cardano Improvement Proposal process
  • as the protocol stabilizes, this will allow people to write up CIP’s and start democracy about them and have community-driven efforts
  • Prometheus and Icarus are stepping stones to open-source contributions
  • hope is that this movement will help get ADA wallets in the hands of many more people
  • coming at end of this year and beginning of next year, there will also be pushes for more community-oriented activities
  • as a community, we want to build up meetup groups and start conversation of governance systems of Cardano

Smart Contracts

  • as we move towards smart contracts, it is exciting to think about how this reference client can be extended for smart contract development

Hardware Wallets

  • there are great interfaces for Ledger and Trezor to interface with browser
  • over the next few months, it will be exciting to see what we can get working for hardware wallets
  • this may be better to interface with rather than with Daedalus

More details on Icarus can be found on the updated roadmap.
And read IOHK’s blog post: IOHK releases Icarus to the Cardano community


How do I distinguish on daedalus and yoroi for daily use? yoroi is light wallet. So should I put a small amount? What dose cardano expect for each use case.

Yoroi will be a wallet with full functionality and is safe.

If you have a large amount of ADA, then of course it’s better to store them offline:

  • Paper wallets are available in Daedalus right now.
  • Later on hardware wallets will be supported as well, by both Daedalus and Yoroi. Using a hardware wallet, it’ll be reasonable to store a large sum of ADA using Yoroi.
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Thank you. I have a ledger nano so I’m using a Paper wallet now and will switch to it if it’s supported.

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Spiele mit ADA seit 10/2017
Habe wieder und wider ADA nachgekauft wie auch heute!
Ist das erste mal das ich eine Meinung abgebe.
Lese seit 18.01.20018 hier mit.
Jeder würde sagen du bist verrückt so viel € zu ADA zu machen!
Hab auch immer gesagt erst mehr ADA wenn man es auf Leager S speichern kann,
hab dann immer meine Deadalus gelöscht, und wenn ich wieder nachgekauft habe,
hab ich Sie einfach wieder hergestellt und von Binance auf Deadalus ADA überwiesen.
Dann Deadalus wieder Löschen.
Es hat nie nennenswerte Probleme gegeben in der Zeit.
Mal hat es eben etwas gedauert am Anfang aber das wusste man doch.
c.a. 20X wiederhergestellt und um so öfter man es macht umso schneller geht es.
Ich bin wie vom ersten Tag an begeistert von Deadalus und wenn Sie erst noch wächst
sehe ich da viel schönes.
Ich fühle mich so einfach Sicher und ich brauch die Leager nicht, hab beide Blue uns S .
Aber wenn ich Sie nicht brauche so wie in diesem Fall Super.
Die Wiederherstellungswörter in ein Edelstahl Blech gefräst und an den Schlüsselbund gehängt
Passwort und Deadalusnamen habe ich im Kopf und ich kann immer auf dieser Welt an mein Geld.
Genialer geht es nicht in meinen Augen."“Brauche keine Hardware”"
Immer nett hier mitzulesen aber es war bei weitem schöner (Anspruchsvoller) als ADALOVE noch hier Schrieb und eben auch das wo es allgemein hakt auf dieser Welt.
ADALOVE hatte meiner Meinung nach zu 97.77% Recht was Sie/Er geschrieben hat und die
viele Schreibarbeit war einfach Hammer!! Danke.
Ich habe den Grund nicht mitbekommen warum ADALOVE uns verlassen hat?
Ich bleibe aber ein treuer ADA Holder und hoffe bis zum Schluss das beste für uns Menschen.
Eben das auch der Grund ist warum Charles Hoskinson/Cardano/ADA.
Werde die nächste Zeit nicht schreiben und/oder antworten das war einfach mal meine
Meinung (Gedanke) nach einem Halben Jahr.
Hoffe das darf man noch Sagen in der heutigen Zeit, im Deutschen Grundgesetz würde es
nämlich Stehen: Freie Meinung in Wort, Schrift und Bild zu verbreiten und eben das war da
noch erwünscht.
Servus aus Bayern.

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Wie löschst du Daedalus? Muss man aufpassen, weil bei deinstallieren bleibt dein privater Schlüssel am Computer (%appdata%\Daedalus\ bei Windows).
Wenn dein Computer gehackt ist, kann man ganz einfach die Schlüssel-Datei kopieren und dein ADA stielen, wenn es nicht mit dem “Spending Password” verschlüsselt ist.

Du sollst eigentlich ein Paper Wallet einrichten, oder ein Spending Password in Daedalus festlegen (Wallet -> Settings -> Password), oder den Wallet von Daedalus löschen (Wallet -> Settings -> Delete wallet) und später mit den 12 Worten wiederherstellen.

Games with ADA since 10/2017
Have bought again and again against ADA as today!
It’s the first time I’ve ever given an opinion.
Read since 18.01.20018 here.
Anyone would say you’re crazy to turn that much Euro into ADA!
I always said more ADA when you can save it on Leager S,
I used to erase my deadalus, and when I went shopping again,
I just restored you and transferred you from Binance to Deadalus ADA.
Then delete Deadalus again.
Always recover with deadalus name/12 words/password
There have never been any problems in that time.
It took a little longer at the beginning but you knew that.
c.a. 20X and the more often you do it the faster it goes.
I am as enthusiastic about Deadalus from the first day on and if it still grows
I see a lot of beautiful things.
I just feel safe and I don’t need the empties, both Blue and S.
But if I don’t need you like I do in this case, Super.
The restoration words milled into a stainless steel sheet and hung on the keychain
Password and Deadalus name I have in mind and I can always remember my money in this world.
It couldn’t be more ingenious in my eyes."“Don’t need hardware”"

Always nice to read here but it was by far nicer (more demanding) than ADALOVE still wrote here and evenly also that where it generally hooks on this world.

ADALOVE was 97.77% right in my opinion what she/he wrote and all the paperwork was just awesome! Thank you.
I didn’t understand the reason why ADALOVE left us?
But I remain a loyal ADA holder and hope to the end the best for us humans.
That is also the reason why Charles Hoskinson/Cardano/ADA.
Will not write and/or answer the next time this was simply times my
Opinion (thought) after half a year.
Hope that can still be said in the present time, in the German Basic Law it would be
which is standing: to spread free opinion in word, writing and picture and that was just there
nor desired.
Hi from Bavaria.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator

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