Icarus - Google Chrome Extension for ADA

This is a really great idea. It means ADA can be used by everyone (most people). This is crypto for everyone with easy integration into apps and sites.

Looking forward to learning more.


Wow, this will be a huge benefit to all the Chromebook users. Thanks for the update Charles and safe travels!


ok this is a very good idea, Ada users will need it.
This said for an announcement I remain a bit sorry, I was expecting something great and it is a “wet firecracker” more this product is not even available yet and it seems like …by the way it’s a good solution if you have some connecting problems with daedalus, Charles the whole community loves you and respects you for the visionary man you are, but IMO when it comes to marketing, you need to hand over to a professional who will make us dream even more. Have a good trip and take care of yourself!

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He talked about marketing plans, weren’t you listening? :laughing:

I mean that a good marketing team would not have asked for this announcement by the CEO 24 hours before the scheduled date and before the product is available online. Nothing else , but I know it’s easy later to say something was wrong in this announcement effect !

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You’re right, this announcement, with its pre-announcements, was handled very badly, but we can expect very much better things in the future! :grin:

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…and I’m sure this is far from the intention of Charles who has always thought of doing the best for this project, but we can not be the best in everything! #LoveAda #loveCardano

Edit: I heard Charles say something about Treasury and I must have misunderstood. Since my comment below, Ive researched the Dash DAO. Sounds like it’s less about volunteering and being a MasterNode with a proposal. I need to learn more.

I didn’t hear that and I find it hard to believe.

The treasury is not an organisational department!

What kind of position would you volunteer for @Adam_Parish?

I am glad to see a browser wallet coming soon, should make a pay with Cardano button easier to develop I think,
:thinking: what kind of webstore would Cardano fans be interested in spending ADA at? :thinking:

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So they wrote a wallet once in Haskell, now again in Rust…

May I suggest a third wallet in Visual Basic?

People have been waiting for a light wallet. I don’t see why announcing it is an anticlimax. The biggest complaints have been from people who cannot cope with running a full node. Of course there are more exciting developments yet to come.


It could be embedded into an Excel spreadsheet.

Is there a link to this Chrome extension?

Not released yet.

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With the success of Yoroi, did IOHK cancel Icarus? Makes sense to me. No need for IOHK and Emurgo to develop competing products.

I don’t believe Icarus was ever intended to compete with Yoroi, it’s a reference project for third party devs to base their wallets on.

Edit: wasn’t sure but just checked, Yoroi is based on Icarus.

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