Two articles on tinkering with Daedalus and Cardano node to create own coin

I’ve published a 2 part article on how I configured and bootstrapped a blockchain and customized Daedalus to produce my own new coin. I used this to learn more about the overall Cardano implementation. Seeing a coin actually running and being able to tinker with it has been a great learning tool for me.


Part 1
Part 2

I hope some of the tips in there are useful for fellow Cardano devs.


That was a very interresting read :beers:(bookmarked)
Thank you :smiley:
Though I think I would prefer to stick with ADA as the main currency none the less to not create confusion if you are building an international platform, as it would rely on a “stable” coin currency.

It also raises a few questions if you are in to interoperability.
How will voting be, and will it have any function towards Atala?
If you are developing your on dApp’s, will they be available through the Cardano marketplace?
I put my vote on IOHK to handle Cardano, so I can concentrate on the other stuff and aligning functions to it. Not override it and go solo :innocent: