14.09.18 - Statement from Cardano Foundation

Yeah, you´re right yet it sad …

Spending 600 000 usd on an audit that basically doesnt do any good is also kinda sad, isnt it?



Charles has a few things to say about the audit report…

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thank you for your understanding towards the community

:roll_eyes: so… what is CF ada address?

maybe their calendar still on September


Are the regulatory filings completed?
Why does the address become a secret?


Maybe we could have an update on this situation?


Lastly, CF are aware of the need to provide transparency as to CF’s Ada holdings and addresses . Our plan is, and always was, to release a full statement after the regulatory filings are complete (scheduled for the end of September 2018).
---------End Quote--------------

Could you keep your promises?


Maybe the lack of response, and the current delay relates to some of my January 16th post:

"How do we expand?

Start with these key items:

Software that works . As intended, with every release.

The ability to move the one product Cardano has, crypto currency , to and fro, timely and securely in the eyes of the current users !

Webcasts that work. If video is deemed to be the communications avenue, then make damn sure the correct host is selected. Otherwise, post to the forum and save the money for some 10x-level developers.

In fact, skip the visionary bullshit until you have the current code working.

Focus, team, You’re not embellishing the vision. Time is being wasted with the current flailing around. Not at all professional.

How’s that for a kick in the balls, Charles?"

The following refers to the first two “key items” in my January 16 response, above.

A while back I discovered 1.6million Undo files had been added to my drive. I’m sure that will work well in third-world nations that adopt Cardano. Now how did a design like that pass “peer review”?

More recently, the wallet, that has worked well since December 2017, had an “Update” to new version message. After the update was performed, the wallet would not connect. Technical assistance was responsive, however, the content of the response leads me to believe there is still a lot lacking on the development / testing side of this operation.

Another swift one to the gonads, Charles…

I believed they already broke the promise.

This event is becoming like " You-Know-What " and " This-What-Must-Not-Be-Named ".

Now I just hope they don’t tie the " You-Know-What " release time with the Shelley release on their next statement. :stuck_out_tongue:

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cool. :slight_smile:

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@jonmoss when will you release the CF transparency update?


Dear Cardano Foundation,

When people don’t have information about a situation, this creates a vacuum. The natural tendency is to fill this ‘void’ with their own answers. Correct or not.

Whether right or not, this is the effect that occurs with ‘no information’.

This is what is happening now.

To resolve any problem/issues it is only necessary to start communicating what is really happening and work back and forth until you achieve an understanding between all parties. Whoever those parties are.

Any problem or issue can be resolved like this. Even if the reason you’re not talking is because you’ve done things that you don’t think the community will be happy with.

Saying these things can feel like another harmful thing. (Those things you think some one - the other party will be unhappy with).

The reverse is actually true. You still have to handle the resulting situation, but this can be done.

Life happens. Transparency is part of what this space is about. Let’s practice this.

In my opinion, this is still a great, promising project. This part is a distraction that doesn’t add value.

All these positions of trust (yours included), is a position of trust, put in place to serve the community. That’s what you signed up for.

What ever the intention of your non-communication at this point. The result is not what you think, it’s what you see.

Another possibility is the possibility that if there is an unresolved upset that won’t resolve.

Some times , these are CREATED situations.

If this is the case, then all you have to do is get together and list out all of the points of disagreement/stirred up controversy and connect it to WHO said it.

This can be a revelation, as what you may find out is:

  1. Most of it, if not all, is from a single person.

  2. What’s been said by them has been twisted, or is an out right fabrication. Designed to create upset.

If it’s not resolving, there is a HIGH likelihood it could be this.

Something needs to be done here. I hope this helps.


Thank you Jon for this update :slight_smile:

On a personal note, hope everything is well at your end, Keep the spirit up!
i can only speak for myself, but you are the only one in know on the Cardano Foundation, and couple others that post frequently on this forum, and just based on you still on the team, i still have trust. Keep up the good work friend!


Anyone have news on the long awaited update?


someone is asleep…:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping: