27.07.2018 - Cardano Foundation Newsletter

The latest Cardano Foundation newsletter includes the most recent report from the Foundation’s research programme, updates from Charles Hoskinson and the IOHK project managers and a recap from a very successful meetup in Rotterdam. Keep on reading to find out more…

Distributed Futures Research


Cardano Foundation sponsors a research programme that investigates blockchain applications to help inform and accelerate the development of Cardano and the greater cryptocurrency space. This research programme is in partnership with Z/Yen’s Distributed Futures, an initiative based in London with the goals of researching innovative ways of building a more sustainable financial system.

The latest research report to come out of the program is entitled “Smart Ledgers & Collective Defined Contribution Pensions” and looks at how blockchain can be used in pensions, and in particular how pension schemes could be administered using such technologies.

Read the report here

Video Update from Charles Hoskinson


Charles Hoskinson, CEO of IOHK, sent the community another informative video update. This time, all the way from Singapore where he was attending and speaking at the World Blockchain Conference. In the latest video update, he explains the progress made in various projects such as Cardano 1.3, Plutus and Sidechains, as well as introducing Prometheus, a parallel development project that IOHK is funding to build up library functionalities for mobile wallets, light wallets, embeddable devices. You can read the full summary and watch Charles’ video on the forum!

Watch the video here

Project Goguen Update


Project Goguen pertains to everything around smart contracts. In the June video update, project manager, Gerard Moroney, gave us insight into the progress made in the various workstreams such as sidechains, Plutus, Marlowe and IELE. If you are a developer, the KEVM testnet and the upcoming IELE testnet would definitely be worth checking out through the IOHK testnet website. To find out more about Project Goguen, click the link below.

Watch the Project Goguen Update here

Project Shelley Update


In like manner, the community also received a June update for Project Shelley. The primary goal of the Shelley release is to upgrade the network towards decentralization. Project manager, Liz Bancroft-Turner gave an update on Incentives, Delegation and Networking. She also explained some of the research and simulations conducted for incentives and stake pools to ensure the system gets the desired outcome of multiple, equally-sized pools. Read about this research and the project progress in the Cardano forum.

Read about the Project Shelley Update here

Cardano Meetups


Last week, the first Cardano community meetup in the Netherlands was successfully held. Organized by community members and attended by many people of various backgrounds, the meetup embodied the traits of an engaged, healthy community. The speakers at the event included Tom Kelly and Jon Moss from Cardano Foundation, Bernardo David and Edsko de Vries from IOHK, as well as a surprise guest appearance from Professor Phil Wadler. Head over to the recap forum post to read about their presentations.

Read the Rotterdam Meetup Recap here

Cardano Foundation will also be attending two upcoming meetups in Poland next month. We will be going to Warsaw on 14th August and Krakow on 16th August, with Duncan Coutts, Director of Engineering at IOHK to speak to and meet the Polish Cardano community. To see details and to RSVP to these events, please click the following links:


Community Questions

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This newsletter’s community question is: I’m a developer. Where can I have relevant resources and which communities can I join?

Answer: The Cardano repository is held on IOHK’s GitHub, so if you are interested in seeing the code and the progress being made, be sure to check it out! If you are interested in developing smart contracts, you can find all the documentation and details on the smart contract testnet website. And finally, to interact with other developers in the space, you can join our official Cardano Telegram group for developers and the developers category of the Cardano Forum.

Join the Cardano Developers Telegram Group

Head to the Developers Category in the Forum

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