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Staking Website


The staking website has been updated to include information on the Incentives and Delegation mechanisms that IOHK are researching and developing. The details are taken from a presentation on staking given by Lars Brünjes, IOHK Director of Education, earlier in 2018, and shows the general direction of the research, though there will be refinements and additions as the work progresses.

Check out the Staking website

Charles Hoskinson and Larry King’s Panel Discussion


Charles Hoskinson recently participated in a panel discussion titled “Mass Influence and Adoption of Blockchain Technology” at Blockchain Futurist Conference 2018 in Toronto, Canada. The panel was moderated by Larry King who posed many insightful questions regarding the direction and progress of blockchain technology. Watch the full discussion and read our summary post of some of these notable questions on the Cardano Forum!

Watch the Panel Discussion here

Cardano’s Vision for Africa


Back in February, Charles Hoskinson addressed a full auditorium at the London School of Economics. At this talk, he laid out the vision for Cardano in the developing world, where there is tremendous potential for blockchain technology. Read the round-up on this subject and the recent headway made towards this vision.

Round-up of Cardano’s Vision for Africa

ADA > USD Pairing on Bittrex


Bittrex launched the US dollar (USD) pairing for Cardano’s ADA earlier this week! Eligible Bittrex accounts created before August are already enabled for USD trading. And new users are able to deposit and withdraw USD by filling out a request form.

Learn more from Bittrex

Cardano Meetups


We are excited to announce our upcoming London meetup in October with guest speakers from IOHK, Lars Brünjes (Director of Education) and Duncan Coutts (Director of Engineering). Lars will be speaking about constructing a stable market for the future and about exploring game theory, while Duncan will present on implementing this market in Cardano in a scalable way. Further details to come. Join our London Meetup group to keep up-to-date!

Join the Cardano London Meetup group here

If you’re not in London, perhaps you are based in these cities where Cardano Community Meetup groups have recently been set up! Click the links to see details and to join these groups!

Bangkok, Thailand
Moscow, Russia
Bogotá, Colombia
Zagreb, Croatia

Community Questions

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This week’s question comes from the Forum, from community member @bumblebee2018, who is an active member of our Korean community!

What are the specification of Cardano as a third generation blockchain compared to previous blockchains?

Answer: Bitcoin is the first generation blockchain and Ethereum is considered as the second. Now, we are entering a so-called “3.0 phase”. This is a term coined in the industry to label a number of related ideas and technologies. For Cardano, it is involves doing things properly .

The Cardano project looks to use the best available research (or conducting original research where necessary) in each aspect of the system and in features that are to be implemented into the protocol. It involves a robust procedure in the development process.

For example…

  • cryptography research on how to do Proof-of-Stake correctly;
  • game theory research for the incentive mechanisms;
  • research on governance to ensure the system can evolve;
  • programming language design in the smart contract languages and execution platforms;
  • higher assurance development techniques to implement the ideas correctly
  • better architecture such as using sidechains to compartmentalize parts of the system from each other

Such research will be implemented to address problems observed in existing blockchains such as scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on what a third-generation blockchain means to you and what you think are current problems that need to be solved. Join in on the conversation and comment on this thread in the forum!

Head to the Forum

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