02.03.2018 - Cardano Foundation Newsletter


Welcome to the latest edition of the Cardano Foundation newsletter. We have some exciting news to share with you…

Cardano Foundation has acquired cardano.org!


We are delighted to announce that Cardano Foundation recently acquired the cardano.org domain name. Using this instantly recognisable URL will help strengthen the brand of the project and increase assurance to site visitors that they have come to the right place. By using cardano.org it will be clear to visitors that the content therein is the golden source of Cardano related information.

Cardano Foundation will endeavour to make the best practical use of this domain in order to reduce confusion and reduce the potential for scams and imitation websites.

Over the next few days various assets including cardanohub.org will start to redirect to cardano.org. As always we will continue improving, adding to and developing our various websites and owned community channels to educate the world about the project.

We would also like to take this opportunity to reinforce being careful online.

Our two official Twitter accounts are @cardanocom and @CardanoStiftung

Please be careful of any content, competitions, free Ada, airdrops or apps which are advertised on any other accounts. We have seen a number of fake imitation accounts appear on Twitter. Please be careful and if in any doubt please email us info@cardanofoundation.org

It’s also worth noting that the Daedalus wallet is only available for Mac and Windows. You should only download the wallet from the official Daedalus website here.

Right now there are no official Cardano apps in either the Android Play Store or the Apple App Store.

Cardano’s goals for Africa and the developing world


Last week the Cardano Foundation organised a meetup in which Charles Hoskinson, the CEO and Founder of IOHK talked to about 300 community members. The event took place at London School of Economics and a special thanks goes to the LSE Blockchain society for hosting us.

Charles spoke about Cardano’s goals for Africa and the developing world and answered some questions from the community at the end.

Jane Wild, Communications Director at IOHK wrote a great blog post which summaizes the talk, you can read that here.

The event was also filmed by IOHK and you can watch that here in case you missed it.

The Tacitus Lecture


Another great event that took place last week was the Tacitus Lecture, an event organised by the The Worshipful Company of World Traders.

This year’s lecture was entitled ‘Cyber-Trade: Will AI Displace or Enhance our Work?’ and was delivered by Nathan Myhrvold PhD, formerly Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft.

One of the world’s great polymaths, he was born in Seattle, Washington with an education and research record spanning UCLA, Princeton University and Cambridge University in subjects relating to theoretical and mathematical physics.

Cardano Foundation were a principal sponsor and had selected guests from the financial and blockchain communities.

For more information on the event please go here.

Roadmap update coming next week


And finally, there will be an update to the Cardano roadmap on March 5th.

You can follow the roadmap here as always, we will of course update everyone of changes via our social channels and our official forum on the day.