2X Giveaway did not work…please help

Please help me figure out how to retrieve my coins. I just sent 583 ADA off Coinbase expecting to get the 2x bonus returned.
Nothing returned.
I have 0 now. Can I speak with a live agent.
Please help me at least get my 583 back.

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Sorry but I am affraid u was scamed :frowning:
There is no giveaway for CARDANO holders

Sad to hear there was another victim of scam.

Posting videos Charles recorded about scam some time ago:

Yes but been honest CHARLES should stop showing so much on you tube. He in a way is promoting it. I saw 3 give away happening at the same time with a life Michael talking.Sorry but when you see it for new costumers that are not aware of this types of dangers is confusing. Cardano is losing a lot of popularity because of this. I started to think Cadano is not a good choice. Also reporting this for what the give away keep playing for hours non stop I reported them to you tube and nothing happens. I tried to report in Cardano forum super hard to report. I know you guys don’t care but at the end alll of these bad incident will lay over your shoulders. I you don’t caer about your costumers you don’t care about your work.


I’m not sure how someone stealing something from you is Charles’s fault. What else can he do than mention it on social media channels and ask to spread the word…

It’s the greed in us that makes all the scams possible.

I know you must be feeling bad and I’m really sorry.

Regarding the giveaway scams, theoretically, if you send someone ADA and receive double of it, you could do that infinitely, eventually getting all the ADA available… Those scams exist for all major coins… Be cautious and aware that if it sounds too good it can’t be true. There’s nothing for free…


I am sorry to say, but it was a scam.

Solution might be to have permanent rolling live streams highlighting this form of scam…

Why would I believe that someone I never meet would give
Give me a present worth thousands of $/€/£ and even if
such a person existed, why would he/she ask to send half
the sum up-front. No people , this is screaming SCAM and I
can’t feel sorry about anybody who falls for it because they’re
driven by greed. Crypto returns the power of financial independence to the people , but with great power comes
great responsibility. Stop blaming others for your failures

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You made two mistakes.

You fell for a scam, your ada is lost. If someone actually should want to give you ada or any other cryptocurrency they would simply ask for a receiving adress. That’s how you do transactions.

Now for the second mistake. Let’s say you wanted to stake your ada. Youshould not do so ”off coinbase”. Instead, you should first transfer your coins to your own wallet, preferrably a hardware wallet and then do the staking.

I fell for a similar scam too , it was two days ago … the same live youTube video pretending to host the CEO with too many likes in the video (which i discovered they are all Bots and Fake, but after it is too late)… promising 2x ADA giveaway !
I hate that !!
this was the address of [Link deleted by @napoles] (a scam website) :

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I have flagged at least 50 of these videos. They are only getting worse. There are now ads which you can’t flag, at least not on apple tv. There’s a solana scam where the ad says you don’t need to send anything to get a ”free” nft.

Well, if you look at the blockchain you can find those that are ”eligible”. Warning bells should ring. The way it works is that they make you download a rogue wallet.

A ”giveaway” for sure, you give away your assets to scammers.

I wish you had done more research before you bought cryptocurrency.