$3 trillion approved covid package

What does this new supposed national debt figure of $25 trillion and other skyrocketing global debt due to government coronavirus rescue mean for crypto, in particular Cardano’s plans?

The major goal of Cardano is to provide a global financial operating system that provides opportunity and inclusion for all so if anything cracks in the existing system will drive more people into crypto in my opinion. Also in my opinion negative interest rates will make POS coins like Cardano that can earn people staking rewards attractive. Regardless the development teams and community will press on to make Cardano a highly useful and relevant product.

Here are some interesting thoughts from Charles that are somewhat related:

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Read this community educational info I posted on April 17 regarding the same but in a wider economic and political context: CARDANO ECOSYSTEM MASS ADOPTION in a New Post COVID-19 Economic & Political Context – An analysis for the Community – (version 3) SECTION 1


I am reading it.You have done a fantastic effort

Heh Fred,can u tell me,if u stake your ADA ,then want to sell some,do u have to move your ADA back to an exchange? Thanks.Some pedantic do-gooder is removing my question for being off topic

Yes generally speaking you have to send your Ada to an exchange of some sort to cash them out.

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Fred,is Coinbase Custody part of Coinbase,same company?

Correct. But please note mention of listing Cardano on coinbase…Yet…

When people say this is a “healthy correction” l can’t see anything healthy about it when the value of your coins tank