7.18.2018 House Agriculture Committee Hearing on Cryptocurrency in U.S


Let us know if they mention Ada.

No mention of ADA, the discussion was much like others, U.S. lawmakers do not know what to make of crypto, ponzi scheme was mentioned :rofl:
What I could takeaway from the meeting as a whole is that the discussion leaned toward not hampering the technology and its uses within the U.S. by hastily labeling public blockchains and creating regulations that could slow the developments down, clarifying what security coins and commodities are came up, and having some type of regulation is important for established institutions to really enter the decentralized space.

Seems like instead of really making a move on regulating crypto within the U.S. with new regulation there was a hint toward embracing self regulation, which in my mind is what institutions are doing anyway - where they apply the laws in place.