Hello Cardano Gang!

Hello all,

My name is Daniel. I live in Lakewood, a western suburb of Denver, Colorado. The main reason I joined this forum was to ask some questions to the experts on this forum. I have to tell you that right out of the gate I am very impressed by this forum. The community seems exceptionally well informed and helpful.

I am working on getting a new cryptocurrency podcast off the ground. One of the most important features of the podcast is a Weekly Coin Review. During the review I plan to discuss ADA based on the following five attribute: Use case, scalability and speed, sustainability (governance), liquidity, and decentralization.

Assuming I can get answers to my questions, I plan to review ADA during the second show.

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Here are the questions I am looking to have answered:

Use case:

  1. What problem is ADA solving?
  2. How big (estimate in USD) is the problem that ADA is solving?
  3. What progress has already been made in solving this problem?
  4. What are the important features of the ADA blockchain help solve the problem?
  5. Who are the competitors that are also attempting to solve this problem?

Scalability and speed:
6. Consensus type (POW, POS, etc.)?
7. Max on-chain transactions per second?
8. How long does it typically take to settle a transaction with finality?

9. Is there a group, cooperative, foundation, or company that is involved in the promotion, development, and/or improvement of the ADA blockchain? If yes, define the relationship.
10. If there is a group, foundation, or company that is involved, how are they funded?
11. How many people are employed by the group, foundation, or company that is involved?
12. What is the process for changing and improving the ADA blockchain?
13. Are there mandatory or voluntary transaction costs? If so, what is purpose of the transaction fees and where do they go once collected?
14. Can you identify any risks that specifically threaten the success of the ADA blockchain (not talking about broader risks that threaten all blockchain projects)?

15. Average number of payment transactions per day:
Over the past 7 days (please define the exact dates)?
Over the past 30 days (please define the exact dates)?
Over the past 90 days (please define the exact dates)?
16. Average exchange volume (in USD) per day:
Over the past 7 days (please define the exact dates)?
Over the past 30 days (please define the exact dates)?
Over the past 90 days (please define the exact dates)?
17. What is the maximum number of ADA coins that can exist (Max supply)?
18. How many ADA coins are currently in circulation (Available supply)?

19. How many validatating nodes currently exist?
20. How are validating node operators incentivized to participate in the network?
21. Are the validating nodes geographically decentralized? Is there a graphic that shows the locations of the validating nodes?
22. Can anyone run a validating node? In other words, is the network of nodes permissioned, semi-permissioned, or permissionless?
23. How centralized is the ADA supply?
a. How many accounts?
b. How is the ADA distributed across the accounts?

Catch all
24. Could you give a brief history of ADA project?
25. Are there any important features of ADA or the platform utilized by ADA that I failed to ask about and you believe it is important to share?

I asked the same set of questions to the XRP community on XRP Chat. Here is a link to their answers, in case you want an example of what I am looking for.

I guess I should have said this up front, but citing your sources is really important. Without citing your sources, this would be impossible for me to verify the validity of the answers you might submit.

Hello! Since you want to use answers to these questions as kinda “official Cardano info”, to deliver it to your audience, I think it becomes more of a “media” issue.

I reckon we would have to ask someone more official from the Foundation to look at it, and either answer some of the questions, or delegate some of them to technical specialists who are part of the team, or maybe even organize some kind of an official interview, or AMA.

@maki.mukai, for example, maybe could take it from here :slight_smile:

P.S. big thank you for your interest and involvement, tho. As fans of the project we really appreciate it.

UPD: @tom.kelly @jonmoss @IOHK_Richard


Hi Vantuz,

This would be a media type issue. I do plan to offer the cited responses to these questions on the podcast website. Any help you can provide in connecting me with the right people within your forum would be much appreciated!

@Daniel_Brenner Thanks very much for the questions - there are rather a lot there! :astonished: :grin:

Please drop an email to info@cardanofoundation.org and we will do our best to help.

cc @maki.mukai cc @tom.kelly


You got it, Jon. I’ll send that over in a couple of minutes. Thank you for your help.