A few different questions

Greetings, good folks on Cardano!

After I have been reading on the forum, watching more Youtube videos from IOHK and finding various articles on the Internet, I have a few questions, which I hope some may help me elaborate a bit. :slight_smile:

1 How did the venture with FD7 two months ago turn out? Besides raising awareness on Cardano and hopefully attracting more investors, what did the development gain from it?

2 SingularityNET’s collaboration with IOHK. How does their API-to-API benefit from using Plutus and which benefits do you expect from that collaboration in regards of Cardano?

3 Concerning practical applications of using Cardano and ADA. From what I understand, the focus has been on scalability and fast TPS, so that both governments and private companies may benefit from digital signatures as well as easy smart contracts. How do you envision that Cardano (In a perfect world) may be integrated in our daily life? And where would you estimate it will be seen first?
Edit: Found this article describing lots of different practical uses: https://www.uxsequence.io/news/what-does-the-future-hold-for-cardano-ada/ Interesting! :smiley:

4 Whats your view on people buying ADA to use for staking and earning a bit of interest as well as supporting Cardano vs. investors who bulk buy cheap and sell expensive. (Profit makers) What are the pro’s and cons from each type?

Guess this was it from now, I will spend some more hours trying to find videos and articles on this exciting project to satisfy my thirst for knowledge. :sweat_smile: