A lot of my peers error out being NOT Alonzo ready

Guys, do you have errors like that:

[relay:cardano.node.IpSubscription:Error:5367] [2021-09-13 03:47:17.33 UTC] IPs: [,,,,,,,,,,,,] Application Exception: HardForkEncoderDisabledEra (SingleEraInfo {singleEraName = “Alonzo”})
[relay:cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Error:954] [2021-09-13 03:47:17.33 UTC] IP ErrorPolicyUnhandledApplicationException (HardForkEncoderDisabledEra (SingleEraInfo {singleEraName = “Alonzo”}))

I am also facing same issue. how could you fix it ?

I faced this issue as well. Initially I modified the broken relay’s topology file to only connect to my own relay (which I knew was updated). Connection was successful but I was still seeing the “HardForkEncoderDisabledEra”.

I tried some other things like turning off tracemempool and verifying my network setting were correct and didn’t get modified by a router update or router QOS policy. No Luck.

In the end, this fix was:

  1. Stopped my relay:
    “sudo systemctl stop cardano-node”
  2. Deleted my “db” file on the offending relay:
    “sudo rm -r db”.
  3. Started offending relay:
    “sudo systemctl start cardano-node”
  4. Waited for resynchronization (took about 14 hrs).
  5. Updated Topology:
  6. Restart the relay:
    “sudo systemctl restart cardano-node”

Home this helps