Logged Error: cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Error:1360, 2589, etc

My stake pool looks normal but cannot mint a block since the first block 6 months ago…
Try to investigate and I found this error in two relay nodes.
My nodes are up-to-date 1.32.1.

Anyone have experience on similar error?

Jan 24 05:01:53 relay1 bash[252753]: [relay1:cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Error:1360] [2022-01-24 05:01:53.11 UTC] IP x.x.x.x:46795 ErrorPolicyUnhandledApplicationException (HardForkEncoderDisabledEra (SingleEraInfo {singleEraName = “Alonzo”})

Jan 24 13:07:28 relay2 cardano-node[444608]: [relay2:cardano.node.ErrorPolicy:Error:2589] [2022-01-24 05:07:28.15 UTC] IP y.y.y.y:42785 ErrorPolicyUnhandledApplicationException (HardForkEncoderDisabledEra (SingleEraInfo {singleEraName = “Alonzo”}))


Do u have lost blocks? Because if u have IN/OUT peers and TX processed it should be fine…
What is the total amount staked to your pool?


The IPs x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y are nodes running old versions of cardano-node trying to connect to your node. You can ignore the errors.

Thank you very much. So I don’t have to concern those errors…

Does anyone know a source to learn about those cardano-node error codes?