A new Docker-environment + detailed guide for running a Stake Pool

Hi there,

As I’d like to facilitate Cardano decentralization (as I can, with my little hands), I made a docker environment containing the needed tools to run a stakepool, with a detailed procedure.

I know there are/were some similar projects (I have to mention abracadaniel), but this one is different: It’s not a heavy-scripted environment, but rather a simplistic one that you can fork/customize easily to your needs. It’s designed to let you run a Stake Pool in a secure way, with a procedure to follow to do so.

The procedure is very similar to the Cardano’s foundation stake pool course, but with some extra-layer of security (like for instance, don’t create keypairs on server) and maintenance and additional guidance.

I chose the step-by-step guide & explain approach rather than the scripted one, because I believe that SPOs really needs to understand what they are doing and how things works.

I’ve put quite some work into this, and I would really appreciate your feedbacks, especially about useful features and tools, security concerns, bugs, etc. Please help me make this a reliable base to run a Stake Pool.


edit: ofc I would also appreciate support to my stakepool, which aim to help democratize Cardano by providing ressources in French. Still working on it. Ticker: SPFR.

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