A new way to identify yourself?

So I’ve been thinking a while about the way we identify ourselves. We all use our card of some sort, be it a driver’s license or just an ID or a passport

I want to have a token, an nft or something of that nature, in which I can log in and it identifies me legitimately.

It could maybe also be used as a passport?
Where the “stamp” would get permanently stored on the ID. (Thinking way in to the future now of course).

Could this be done?

Hey @bacolando

The idea of identifications can be done and IOHK already did it with the Atala PRISM project.

You can click on the link and see everything what IOHK did already. There is also an “simulation game” where you can see the use-cases and test it with an real app on your smart phone.

Cardano also have an deal with the ministry of education in Ethiopia where an identification system will be used. Here is an article from coindesk for that: Cardano and the Ethiopia deal

Uuuugh, it’s a hard topic.

My suggestion if you really want to know this, then start study the Self Sovereign Identity, DID, KERI and others hard. And after months of exhausting learning, you probably will have some understanding whether your question can be answered or not.

As you cannot have a simple answer for your questions.