Building civil identity on the blockchain and thinking of CARDANO

I am looking to setup an identification system for a private collective I am building that follows a similar model to e-stonian ecitizenship. Im in no uncertain clarity on what the blockchain will do to governments so I am building a post nationalist identity system. One where your biometrics are recoded into the block chain.

I used to be in information security, then I was elected into office, I found out that you get punished when you do the right think and a whole lot of turkeys prevent eagles from souring. So Im taking what I learnt, I am back in infosec but with crypto, building a new system. A new identity.

This is kinda the direction I am heading. If this is in the wrong section I apologize, but I do need a specific personality type to achieve this.

I have just started and theres a lot of other development that needs to be done. I was thinking of creating two currencies. One for internal use linked to identity and civil responsibility and another cheap large volume one for our own currency if we need for the market one day and assuming we have created our value in trust.

If you like the idea and want to help me build the financial aspect of this entity, please get in touch via - All my endpoints are still secure. Barely :stuck_out_tongue:

I can do this myself by making contracts on the ethereum blockchain, but this one looks better :smiley: So I thought I could skip a step if I can find the right dev/engineer to work with.


I would like to be informed about the progress of your project. I have considered the Estonian e-citizenship for a e commerce business I have. Is there a place I can read more about it?

The idea is slowly taking shape here:

Right now I am working with tokens on the ETH netowrk but the cost of gas is killing me. Im still nervous about working with cardano. Any devs who like the idea Im working on who would like to make contact, feel free to inbox me

Until an engineer from this development shares my vision with building the Unicomplex I am currently going to try raise capital to build to make this a reality by an EC20 token I created on the Ethereum blockchain.

The prise of gas is killing me. So I need this to be a thing asap :smiley: As soon as I have the technical ability to move to Cardano network I will.

Anyone who shares the vision should get in touch with me. The idea is starting to take more shape, structure, direction and purpose.

The coin we will be releasing to raise loot will be the UNICOIN. Hopefully we can build onto this frame and building something worth more than money on the blockchain