Practical Government Application

Hello, I come from the technical sales side of the world, and have a ton of experience connecting organizations with large federal, state, and local government contracts in North America. I am new to coding and blockchain, but am an eager advocate. I am trying to wrap my head completely around this technology and how it can be utilized to better support the day-to-day functioning of these entities. I have been a passive individual investor in Cardano and other projects for several years. I am looking to become active and participatory in driving this important technology forward. Do you mind providing a newbie with some direction? I appreciate your insights and guidance. Cheers!

How technical would you like this to be?

  • Be able to run a node?
  • High level smart contract programming?
  • Hard core low level Haskell programming?
  • On the abstract level, road map and things?

@tomdx, Thanks for reaching out. Let’s start high-level/abstract. Where are we at? Where are we going? How can someone make a quick impact and contribution? Is it running a node? Is it helping to sell/tell the story? What input labor does the community need?

I’m actually more at home in the first three categories, still lets see …

Running a node is not needed. There are actually more than five times as many nodes running as configured in network parameters as the ultimate goal where nobody would have an advantage of change (Nash equilibrium). This parameter ‘k’ will likely double by the end of the year. Still, most nodes that start these days would be better off by simply delegating. In other words, you’d need altruism or alternative motives to start yet another node - some folks may actually have that motivation.

Perhaps @DaveLikesCrypto is the right guy to talk to. He does the Cardano360 Mini and recently ask for help on Twitter. Also, there was a recent relaunch of the Cardano Docs page - I bet that could benefit from a fresh pair of eyes to iron out the odd kink. You could also reach out to @benohanlon he is the helpful soul of the Cardano tech community.

… and of course don’t forget to delegate to a good pool that that does stuff to benefit the network.

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Thanks a ton for the guidance on this. I am going to take some time to read through the docs as a starting point. I appreciate your guidance on all of this, including the topic of nodes. I am happy to delegate to a good pool. I will work on getting that piece moving. Thanks again!