Using Cardano for Governance In My Own Business


I am heading up a Sustainability group in my organisation and we are trying to work on ESG initiatives to roll out internally and externally.

I would like to make better elections by holding proof-of-stake elections using Cardano and quadratic voting.

Starting from nothing, what would a workflow look like to implement this in terms of allocating ADA/cNFT to specific users and then using that for elections/voting?

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Hey Tobi.

Send me a PM. Would be interested in chatting to you. Check my profile to see why :wink:

Iā€™m trying to get people with similar interests into a chat about working out the requirement for a democratic governance system like you desire.

Still at researching democratic processes, understanding what been built tried already, and if blockchain could / should be part of the solution.

A chap.ive been chatting to in Mexico has been working on something similar for a decade, met him through another Network called The Alternative UK.

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