Intro to Yoonicoin (climate crisis funding) cryptocurrency idea


I have a project idea that may be able to be built on top of the Cardano blockchain, or may be better built as a standalone system from the start. I’d be curious to hear anyone’s ideas about how it could be built using Cardano. If we did use Cardano, I would imagine that it would end up moving to it’s own, independent blockchain - as the core idea of the project is about avoiding Proof Of Stake (which is known to have it’s weaknesses and limitations) and shifting to Proof Of Personal Identity (which has a different set of weaknesses, including relying on trusted authorities and people having to provide identity information).

I’m a developer, who has come up with and developed this idea in my spare time, so I’m just putting the idea out there and seeing what the response is, and whether there is any scope to develop the system.

The cryptocurrency system is called Yoonicoin, and it it every human has the opportunity to have their own unique coin continuously “Minted” on their behalf, for free and until they die. The system uses Proof Of Personal Identity and incorporates mechanisms for raising funds to work on the climate crisis. The current design involves creating a new blockchain from scratch using Proof Of IP Address, which then gets converted into Proof Of Personal Identity as the system matures. As I said above, it may be better to build the initial system on an existing blockchain like Cardano, and use that as a stepping stone to Proof Of Personal Identity.

I’d be curious to get feedback from people in the Cardano community and any ideas about how Cardano could be used within this project. I’m also currently looking for collaborators and investigating ways of funding the project launch. There’s a 2 page summary and a detailed White Paper at If it’s something you may be interested in collaborating on, then I’d love to hear from you, or if you have any ideas about who else may be interested, please let me know.



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