Hello, Cardano for Democracy?

Hi I came across cardano thanks to Youtube droping it in my list as I’d been looking at blockchain as a means of recording public votes, in a decentralised deliberative digital direct democracy. Lots of Ds!

i note with interest that Project Catalyat does most of what i want… a self funded Treasury with users voting on what they want to allocate funds to.

So would this be easy to replicate in an offchain fiat currency? The way i see it working is you give voters a number of coims to spend across the proppsed projects, and they vote with their cash. If a project fails to achieve its funding required it can be reallocated.

Anyway… im still learning lots as a crypto noob. Spent 30 years in IT 12 as dev, last 18 as tester focused on back end system integration, data migration and business intelligence.

My side gig is looking at building a digital democracy platform from existing open source apps, to allow independent candidates win seats then rebuild the democratic system. Its 10 years minimum, but building up a network of people thinking the same thing.

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