Cardano is changing the world and I’m glad to be involved!

Hi All!

With El Salvador and Ethiopia leading the way, the blockchain is revolutionizing the way governments function, and this will empower humans everywhere on the planet.

I’ve long envisioned a “Democracy-in-a-box” solution that lets any size population easily roll out an open source, transparent government. A plug-n-play democratic system with defined roles and mechanisms to keep leaders accountable… one that functions irrespective of barriers like culture and language. This system could be deployed by oppressed nations post-revolution, but it could also be integrated into the most advanced nations as candidates promise to install the system once elected.

Blockchain will be essential for keeping Democracy free from corruption and Cardano is the frontrunner to making this happen. I know I’m not the first to remark this, but the same things that make Cardano self-improving and self-correcting, as well as the Catalyst voting/funding system… these are the foundations for the governments of the future.

The reason I am so excited to seeing entire nations adopt the blockchain because the end result of this will be… WORLD PEACE! I’ve started making video shorts that try to elucidate my reasoning, but the gist of it is that when we are all empowered we will all get what we want… and one thing we all want is world peace.

I have seen some of the pieces of the puzzle, like AdaGOV, Atala PRISM, Prsona, but no project aimed at an All-in-one Government solution. If you know of more projects on a similar vein, please let me know.

Thank you!