Just in time Cardano catalyst projects and liquid democracy gone awry


For the first time, voting is about to open to all Cardano HODLers. Changing the model of Catalyst is a discussion on a more sustainable voting process. Let’s explore our options and possible solutions to expedite voting and make the model more fluid.



I think you are correct in a lot that you say but you are suggesting we change the system… the system that is based on the paper, "A Treasury System for Cryptocurrencies: Enabling Better Collaborative Intelligence”, by Bingsheng Zhang, Roman Oliynykov, and Hamed Balogun.

I was drawn to Cardano because of the way they approached building their system… researched based, slow and steady…

I am torn and if you read my other posts on this subject I have a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde personality. On one hand I understand Cardano’s approach and agree with it but on the other hand, I agree with @philpa and others in their criticism of the current approach.

So, do we just throw away the research that Bingsheng Zhang, Roman Oliynykov, and Hamed Balogun did with their paper and revamp the system at this point or do we let it play out for 10 or so funds and see how it goes??

IDK… But, I think the conversation should continue…

You have so many ideas. Please show up in the Town Hall and meetings maybe Telegram group so you can help us to grow. No many people from Catalyst are aware of the Forum.
Participation is a very important key as Charles say in his interview only doing one thing is not good enough.
All the Best