A question about computing power

If I have a larger stake (I own more ADA), am I more likely to be chosen as a slot leader and therefore more responsible for computing power? Or am I randomly chosen to create a block just by having “a” stake? (Only a small amount of ADA)

I believe that’s a ‘yes’. The larger the stake, the higher the probability of you being chosen to create a block. What I have yet to see is how will a small group of large stakeholders be prevented from being chosen all the time only because they hold/delegate to a large stake. There could be hundreds or thousands smaller, individual, disjointed stakeholders whose collective stake could exceed that of a smaller group of “whale” stakeholders.

Perhaps I need to re-read the whitepaper, but I’m still not clear in practice how will this other disjointed, numerous group of smaller stakeholders whose collective stake is significant going to partake in the election process…

Maybe there can be a random selection process to form large, equally weighted stake holder groups, rather than permitting ‘free’ association between stake holders who could potentially bias the election/minting process… That way, even distribution should be more assured. I’m sure they’re hard at work on this…


Yeah I think we’re along the same lines of thinking. The only real problem I see is people moving towards small and energy efficient rigs which hold large amounts of ADA and barely run Daedalus. I’m assuming it’s either one of two things;

  • this process of slot leading that I’m responsible for not computationally expensive
  • This will be addressed in their “rewards and punishments” philosophy and small rigging will be penalized until cost overtakes benefits

Your reward will be “proportional” to the ada you stake. If only “big” whales get rewards - all this “system” will fail

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