A question from a Korean community member on Cardano Settlement Layer

Hello everyone,

We have a question from one of our Korean community members on the following:

“I understand that the Cardano Settlement Layer is about using Ouroboros protocol to create blockchain algorithm. My question is how would blockchain be created once Cardano Computation Layer gets developed?
While it is true that Side change will dissolve many issues of the 2nd generation blockchain, but if there are multiple ledgers such as Cardano Settlement Layer and Cardano Computation Layer, than there seems to be a need for more nodes as well.”

Many thanks for your informative response!

If I understand it correctly - CL will use the same voting results and validators as SL, which means that the same nodes will just produce two or more blocks at the same time. So whenever a time comes for a specific node to take action (his slot comes on) - now they produce and send 1 block. But with SL and CL they will produce and send 2 blocks, each continuing it’s own chain.

Much later, when sharding comes as a solution for scalability - then the total set of nodes could be split into multiple sub-sets where each node additionally validates and supports it’s own part of the total chain (single shard).

But for starters - just the same nodes producing multiple blocks. Cardano is Proof-of-Stake system, so it doesn’t require spending lots of time and energy to create a single block, so the same nodes could easily maintain additional chains. With some upper limit on their number, of course.

This is how I understand it. Hope it helps, and hope someone corrects me if I’m wrong or missing something.


Many thanks for this ! I will translate this into Korean and share it with the Korean community!