If you want to understand Sidechains in layman's terms, read this (Cardano quoted inside)


Well written, thanx for sharing this.

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So, that is the challenge cardano is facing ? Ouroboros is designed to work with two layers : CARDANO-SL & CARDANO-CL. For this to work, sidechains needs to work with proof of stake, so IOHK needs to discover invent a way to create a NiPoPos ( Non Interactive Proof of Proof of Stake ) < 100 Kb. Right ?

That’s a good question, I tend to think that only someone from IOHK could answer this, plus the end of the article is quite vague about it. I also believe that they must be closer than we think to “discovering” it ( pretty sure this verb is inadequate for this context), otherwise there wouldn’t be another layer (CL) on the roadmap. Especially given the confidence of Charles about the size…

Honestly I don’t know, at this point we sheeps can only speculate from the outside.

The last part of the article seems optimistic overall:

In particular, if Cardano, which is based on Ouroboros, is to work according to plan, IOHK researchers still need to discover a non-interactive proof of proof-of-stake (NiPoPoS).

Hoskinson is confident. “We can definitely do that,” he said. “We can definitely have a NiPoPoS. The question is how many megabytes or kilobytes is it going to be? Can we bring it down to 100 KB? That is really the question.”

(emphasis mine)

Is any other company is even thinking about NiPoPoS at this point in time?

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Definitely optimistic, I agree.

As far as I know and after a quick Google research, the only mention of NiPoPoS I’ve found are from the above article… so it seems to indicate that only IOHK is working on it. Which makes sense as they are researchers :slight_smile:

@CryptoGambler I have no doubt that IOHK can develop the same code for Pos as they did for Pow, the two are not very distant from each other, not sure why the researcher’s focused first on NiPoPow first but I will throw out there a “maybe why”, I would suggest that it was meant to support Bitcoin and crypto in general, sort of as an exercise, cardano benefit’s from a strong crypto presence in the world and if the leading Pow crypto is supported than there is a trickle down effect that will benefit the rest.
Just a couple cents from my dinner table where I am enjoying a beer!


I agree, I am also very confident they can do it. I think NiPoPoW being done first was once again foundational. This is similar to them proving PoW was secure, before moving on and creating a secure PoS. Charles has said that he believes that PoW and PoS will actually co-exist, so if you see it from his vision, it makes sense to do one before the other.

@CryptoGambler also Charles is a big time BTC supporter, he was involved early in cryptocurrency and believes in the vision of Satoshi, so it makes since that the ship he captains first and foremost contributes to the cultivation of the foundation he is building on.


Sidechain tech is great - Zindros kicks ass :sunglasses:

This is one of the very few articles where Cardano is mentioned in media.
Quality journalism is missing these days in cryptocurrency world

Looking forward to NiPoPoS, have no idea how that would be like. And I think the proof would be very different for Ouroboros and Ouroboros Praos.