A supporter from China

Hello everyone, I’m Hershey Chen, from China. I am honored to be a part of Cardano’s great community! I really love this project, Charles is my hero.
I originally in the Cardano reddit community, I did not register on official forum until today. I think I found the New World, the forum is so sweet, lovely automatic robot completely adorable to me.
My English is terrible, but luckily I can translate with Google, and after some people read it they did not believe it was translated automatically by the machine. It’s really powerful! :smiley:
I once painted a few simple doodle about Cardano, because I really love it so much. Please do not mind, I really can not draw! :rofl:

What else should I say? I love and love Cardano, let’s change the world together! :sparkles:


Welcome - I would of never known you are not a native English Speaker!


google seems to have nice translation :joy:

you have better written English than some native people I know


Thank you! Thanks for all the technology that is changing the world!

Thanks Google Translation! Thanks for the future technology!

Great painting. Is it open source :slight_smile: Maybe we will use in a blog post.

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Thank you! If so, I will be honored! :yum:

Is it open source

Assuredly yes! Long live open source! :kissing_heart:

@chitoncats Your cardano painting made it into a presentation by comms. :slight_smile: I tried to take a pic for you but was too slow.

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@io_jeremy Thank you! So honored! Thank you for telling me, I am very happy! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I also have another very bad :rofl:, and now I am an official member, I can paste more pictures! Yeah! :yum:

Google translation is amazing! I think it important to remember its amazing because of humans! Joran Lanier says it best, “Services like Google and Facebook only exist because of the social acceptance of a mass amount of distributed volunteer labor from tons and tons of people.”

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Yes! Fully endorses! It is in line with the laws both of nature and society to make all people freely associate and contribute! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Long live open source!