Best Caption Competition!

Featuring Duncan Coutts, Head of IOHK Engineering and Lei Hao (@lei.hao), Chinese Community Manager, Cardano Foundation from last week’s Cardano London Meetup.

What would be the best caption for this photograph? :grin:

So what? I can’t see cuz your hand. :d


@FiGenKim you won! :rofl:

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Was this your Card…ano ?!

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They have this T-shirt I have on in purple too…see?

Daedalus Mobile Wallet Goes Live - AdaHodlers go on a staking spree.
Check this out! I’ve just bought a lambo for a moon shot.

look, I parked my Lambo on the moon :scream:


That happy face can only mean one thing


It is exciting to know that there is a Chinese community manager wow. I almost thought Cardano doesn’t care about Chinese holder anymore. Very interesting.

Most of the Chinese info about Cardano are from Chinese Quora before I found this place. if you search in Chinese there is no direct link to here.

The people official telegram Chinese group is much less than unofficial group 1/4 because there is no way you can find the group if you search in Chinese . Actually, it will be nice if we can find it from any Chinese media or even Zhihu . In official wechat gourp(if you are lucky enough find it and join it finally) you can hardly get any answers for your questions about Cardano.

I understand that it is just the beginning phase. However, Could anyone give me info about what Chinese community plans to do (event/news etc) in Chinese or any other website except this official place we can find news about these events/news?

I really like this project but if you don’t know English the research process will be extremely hard for who interested in it. I would like to see Cardano on more Chinese media/news/event in the future. Or let people only know Chinese be able to find here at least Please


谢谢您对卡尔达诺的支持,您可以去我们的官方微博公众号微信公众号微信群去了解更多卡尔达诺的信息。我们正在加大项目在中国地区的介绍,我们会陆续推出更多中文的介绍内容,我们同时也鼓励在中国地区的聚会活动。如果任何人有意组织在中国的聚会,请您联系我们的中国地区负责人郝雷, 我们会给您最大的支持。


“Look Duncan. This is my newborn daughter, Ada. Someday she will change the world!”