Hello from West London


Hello my name is Alex I live In West London Uk.

So glad this forum exists!!

Looked at other forums and think it was aimed more at astronomers as they just kept talking about the moon. Possibly car enthusiasts as well as Lamborghini had a fair mention also!!

Anyway, love the project and the tech. In for the long run and excited to watch cardano grow.


Hello @alex_hill welcome to the community! We are all about the Teslas and Mars over here /s :joy:!


Lol yes! Cheers! []~( ̄▽ ̄)~* Your avatar is really beautiful! :tropical_fish: (forum’s reply system seems to have some problems)


Thank you @Chiton, I made it with Adobe illustrator and lots of coffee :grin:!


@Bullishdong Wow! Great work! It’s really brilliant! :unicorn:


New I was in the right place :grin:


@alex_hill Agree! There are a lot of technology lovers as well as masters of technology! :hugs:


Looking forward to doing more research on the project and learning about the tech.


@alex_hill Me too! Official Twitter also has a lot of information!


Yes I’m on the community, foundation and CH page. Any other recommedations?


@alex_hill IOHK.io also has some information, I also went to reddit etc, I don’t understand programming, so just look around and see what others say. I was attracted when I first saw Cardano’s presentation. I personally feel that when Cardano completes the Shelley stage, it will have more wealth-storing value than BTC. I think PoW is actually a very temporary way, its inefficiency makes it impossible to go on like this forever.


The IOHK youtube page is a goldmine! There are some forum members who are writing medium articles that are very high quality and do a great job at explaining some of the more complex implementations. This medium article for example really helped me a lot to have a deeper understanding of the Ouroboros.

I would also suggest taking a look at the reddit r/CardanoCoin video library!


@Bullishdong Yes! Cardano Whiteboard must be great! It’s a pity I can’t listening understand English.


Welcome… from a fellow West Londoner


Where abouts? I’m at Chiswick.


I’m in Acton … not too far from Chiswick


Meet up in Teslas in a couple of years :joy::joy:


Hello from South West London! Meet up in Teslas in a couple of years ready to go to Mars, where we won’t need no roads::joy::joy:


Hi @alex_hill
Welcome! :wave:

The “Why Cardano” page is also a great resource if you want to dive deeper into the project: https://whycardano.com/

Also, be sure to sign up for our Cardano London Meetup group too! meetup.com/Cardano-London/
Most events will be in Central London, but perhaps you would like to attend and meet the local team :smiley:


maglev teslas, from london and tokyo (where most cardano activity seems to be emanating from) to mars and beyond in the BFR!