About Plutus Smart Contract

Can Cardano run Plutus Smart Contract for my own Token now or the update is yet to come?And what are the resources to learn Plutus,I cannot find anything related to that.

The Mary release (activated about 13 hours ago) enables Native Multi-Assets (like ERC-20 tokens on ETH).

The Alonzo release (due Q2) enables Smart Contracts.

It is my understanding that Smart Contracts have full access to Native Multo-Asset data.

Thank You for the information!!
But there’s any source to study Plutus Language.


This was editied as recently as 20 days ago, so I assume its reasonably up-to-date.

I also just found Cardano Plutus Tutorial #1: Hello World | Plutus Playground + Haskell Explanation : cardano .

Thank you for your guidance
I’ll definitely check it out.