About the addressees on Shelley

Hi everyone,

I set the cardano-shelley node on my machine. Then I create a wallet account without address_pool_gap parameter.The wallet has 20 address (up to the default parameter address pool gap parameter).

Q1 : If I set this address pool gap parameter as max value (100000), this situation would create disadvantage for wallet or addresses? and Can I use this address for deposit and withdraw actions?..

Q2: If I use those 100000 address, does the node create a new address/addresses? What will happen when 100000 addresses are used? will node generate 100001. address?

Q3:The wallet addresses has stake_key_hash and stake_reference values and the address length is 103 char. But if I use the Cardano-wallet api Construct Address method with address public key, and for payment type the method gave the address as 58 char. Why this address snippets be different? Can I use this address for deposit and withdraw actions? and where is this address stored on node or If the addresses doesn’t store, how I can save this address on my node?

Thank you