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The Constitution is a text document that defines Cardano’s shared values and guiding principles.



Is there any draft publicly available yet? Or at least is there any info relating to it? Like, as complete level (e.g., 1% 5% etc), expected draft release (roughly e.g., in a year, in 3 months etc.).



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Some members organized and started working on a Constitution.
You can find the work here at this repo; Constitution_WG/README.md at main · st8tikratio/Constitution_WG · GitHub

Additional Information including community input, surveys, results, and outputs.

There are “North Stars” and then there is language. Values and Principles are important. This exercise identified eight Principles. The next iteration is to collectively define what these words mean and what we mean when we use them and how we use them.

Sometimes it’s a challenge to know where to start. When this is the case, looked inward in search for honesty.

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Not as I am aware of. We would like to offer here a possibility to discuss these things.

Based on this community proposal we are restructuring the categories in the Cardano forum and we want to publish this article and share it in many languages in the different forum sections once finalized.

Any input welcome on both documents. (that said, since everyone can edit these documents, suggestion mode/comments are appreciated)

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Some good principles here

This also exists. It has a structure and some guidelines.

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