Ada max supply question

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There is an article talk about the Stellar token distribution, make me wondering how much ADA tokens needed when run at peak capacity in Cardano network.

Anyone has answer ? We need 45 billions ?

Ada are divisable to what 6 decimal points

The PoS algorithm goes live with 85% certainty in June :slight_smile:
There have been announcements over the past few weeks regarding extending the time required to figure out the incentive scheme, plus the testing period that needs to take place in order to figure out issues before we go truly live, i.e. time IOHK needs to work with the initial selected pools to tweak things.
Expect June for a live deployment of Shelley, when you can stake your ADA and earn tokens proportionally. Sooner than that is… well, overly optimistic.

Yes 6 decimal places. To me that makes the total number of coins in circulation number of 65 billion used for market cap calculations misleading. Anyone have any thoughts on that?

ether has 18

I’m such a guy who’s mainly interested in this “true value” things likes real use cases, affecting and improving real peoples real life.
I have to admit that I have “invested” a little bit, but that’s less than what I earn from my real work in a week.
So please can me explain someone why an investor who wants less max supply could not just imagine he’s buying kADA at a price of 1000x the actual ADA listing? Of course, instead of buying 1 kADA you could also buy 1 XMR or 1.4 LTC. As a non-trader I can’t understand what’s the difference or problem.

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There is in fact no difference. However giving the current market cap and price of the coin that market cap would have to increase signifgantly despite being very high already to improve the price of the coin. The number of coin provides the relationship between marketcap and price. For ada to be 3 dollars it would have to be valued more than the current cap of ethereum. This perception is in the minds of many buyers and it is concievably are reason that the coin is hard to move. Generally crypto buyers dont like buying a project with more than a billion coins. Given the state of development of the project and that it has of yet has no real use buyers find it difficult to justify the price given the number of coins.

I highly doubt this would even reach the voting block. A lot of ppl who are in it believe in Charles philosophy of not burning any coins. Only people trying to pump something up and dump it are focused on market cap and supply which mean nothing. Cardano is not a short term play.

Ya can you explains this little more I heard about this before too