Why does Cardano have so much supply of coins?

Why does Cardano have so much supply of coins? I don’t think we will ever reach the value of Bitcoin with such a huge circulation of coins. Can someone help me make sense of this.
For ADA price to reach $1k it’s market cap would have to be enormously larger than bitcoins market cap.
Please answer with proven facts that might include mathematical calculations even probability.

Cardano wasn’t built to compete or dethrone Bitcoin. It’s a visionary platform for leveraging blockchain technology in order to offer decentralized tools to the world. It is not pro nor against Bitcoin. It can absorb Bitcoin and help it or leave it be.

I can understand if someone was just coming from Bitcoin forums, they may think that crypto is all about price inflation and trading. And in a case of Bitcoin community, they may be right. However, the depth of Cardano development and tools are light years ahead of anything that Bitcoin has to offer.

For those that are just investment oriented, 10x, 100x or 1000x monetary gains will come from emerging Cardano ecosystem. Arbitrary number of 1k per ADA is irrelevant when an ecosystem will allow for infinite number of projects of which many will go 100x or more. All this while your ADA is constantly earning you returns every 5 days, all the time, for ever. You never have to sell your ADA to make money. It just generates profits by clicking 2 buttons in your wallet and it’s not even locked in.

If you are looking for “Bitcoin Killer”, you need to look elsewhere. Cardano is more likely to work with Bitcoin then against it.


The price of the individual coins doesn’t matter if you are trying to invest and sell at a higher price later. What matters is the % increase in price. $1 ada to $2 ada = 100% gain on whatever amount you invest. $1 to $20 ada = 2000% gain

invest $1000 at $1 and you have $2000 when ada hits $2
invest $1000 at $1 and you have $20,000 when ada hits $20

This math doesn’t include the additional 5% per year staking rewards that are compounding every 5 days.

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Okay, I understand. It’s more about the projection and long term. Thank you for clearing that up.
How do I state my Cardano and how do I accurate the 5% monthly or when ever? Is the situation such that Cardano will provide passive income enough to cover your expenses of 10k monthly passive income? We are all trying to make the world a better place and at the same time have a good quality of life because of our commitment.

Not sure which wallet you are using. I use Daedalus. All you have to do to stake is:

  1. In your delegation tab choose your stake pool. Select which wallet and click delegate.

  2. You can research stake pools ahead of time to find which one you like. I use website https://adapools.org/ to check pool performance, mission and returns. Once you find stake pool you like you can search for it in step 1.

In the pool I stake my ADA in you would need about 1.4 Million ADA to get about $10k US income per month. Luckily for me, my monthly expenses are nowhere near that. :smiley:

You should also look into staking your ADA with some charity pools. You get your return and help a cause that you support :+1:

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In order to avoid any misunderstandings: It is about 5% APY - and if it’s not covered by increase in transactions - then it will be lower in the future. Think of it as a reward for holding ADA and not as yield. Payments of rewards are every 5 days (at the end of an epoch).

coins suply of cardano its not so much if the world comes to.more adoption of crypto ,like if every person in the world wants to have 2000 ada in their pockets to have/spend. 2000ada × 5billion people its a big number you see🤑.
viva la cardano​:v::v: