Cardano marke cap and supply

so why is the cardano supply is so big???
i guess its good for future market growth, but it means that cardano’s value isnt going to grow much soon. its just impossible without doubling and tripling the entire crypto market cap.
if they would have redused their supply, the ADA value would have sky rocket by now.
please share your thoughts and knowledge :slight_smile:

Their goal isn’t to have some short-term skyrocket coin price. Their goals are bigger and longer-term than that. The coin is just one aspect of their total platform. Yes, this will never be at Bitcoin prices, but I doubt that anything else ever will, except maybe Ethereum…


The market cap for crypto could easily be 100 x bigger than it is. Look at the derivatives market, sitting in the quadrillions, for reference. Not at all saying that ADA will ever sell for 10k a piece, but I believe $1000 is possible.

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10 ^ 6 Lovelaces = 1 ADA
10 ^ 8 Satoshis = 1 BTC

So we can consider max Cardano supplies is: 450M
And max BTC supplies is: 21M

These information may give some positive view, right?

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If you buy a bag of 50 apples weighing 10 kilograms or if you buy a bag of 25 apples weighing 10 kilograms you have 10 kilograms of apples. You can cut the bag of 50 apples into 20 pieces (Total 1000 pieces) or cut the bag of 25 apples into 100 pieces ( Total 2500 pieces) but each bag is still only 10 kilogram.
So market cap works the same way, it doesnt matter how you cut it it still weighs the same.
Another way is to think of market cap as a pizza.
No matter how you cut it you still have just one pizza.
One could argue that having more coins at a lesser price in some way encourages more people to buy but someone else would have to explain the psychology behind this.
So really I dont understand your comment … " cardano’s value isnt going to grow much soon " because the supply is so big.

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I am really confused here… I know that Cardona is no regular crypto player/company. But what I am sure is that ADA price can go high. Why:

  1. market cap is not regulated as stock market is. I also think that there is loads of money out there and ADA going high is possible
  2. their goal is to grow big and to spread themselves all over the planet
  3. if credit card and atm machines become somehow successful there will bi high ADA demand
  4. people that will stake ADA will have no wish to spend them: they will rather spend staked ADA (although I read somwehere that it is not possible to sell masternode???) And I believe there is great interest in staking ADA coins since: A:they are cheap B:smart people support smart projects

I am really not an expert and my english is also really bad. For that reason I am now able to read Cardano documents, because I understand zero. I prefer watching videos because I understand them better. So If I missed or wrote wrong conclusions…pardon me.

Just to say–your English is quite good, actually! Better than many native speakers, trust me… :wink: