Cardano ADA Token Supply

Hi guys. As a new entrant into the cryptocurrency market and a technical systems program manager by trade, it has been a relief to find a project like Cardano. You all are head and shoulders above 75% of the other projects currently in flight. I have a question regarding ADA token supply. What was behind the decision to create a max supply of 45B? Are you concerned that such a large supply will limit the upside value of the tokens in the long run? I’m planning to hold ADA for the long term, and although I believe in the project, I also want to see a return on my investment (like most holders, I assume). I welcome thoughts on this from the team or the community.

Some people seem to get hung up on it but it’s just a number.
A bitcoin is divisible to the eighth decimal. The smallest portion of bitcoin has its own name: satoshi, whereas 1 BTC = 10^8 satoshis = 100,000,000 satoshis.
I can’t see why having a max 45 billion supply will limit the upside value of ADA.
People can just afford to own more of them.
People in Asia and many other parts of the world are more familiar with using thousands of their local dollars to make purchases than westerners. The project had its ICO in Asia and was mainly bought into by the Japanese who as an example pay 100 yen for a coke


Total token supply matters. Of course you need to consider the price of each coin / market cap as well.

Total supply of BTC: 21,000,000
Total supply of ADA: 45,000,000,000

ADAs supply is 2,142x more than BTCs total supply. With the current price of 0.029423 USD it’s already equivalent to a BTC price of 2,142*0.029423 USD = 63.02 USD.

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My post pointing that out was censored on Reddit:

What a shit show!

Hi adalurker, firstly I must inform you that are you are totally wrong. The supply has nothing to do with value and this has been discussed on other forums. The demand as well as coins in ciruclation will have an affect on the value, allthough that is not the end all and be all as there are various other factors that need to be brought into the equation, which with some more research and thought, you will come to understand.

Secondly, in regard to having had been censored on Reddit, are you 100% sure that was the case? If you do your homework you might see that your posting may have been sent to Reddit spam and if you visit the Reddit policy and FAQ section you’ll come to see that you could very well be incorrect in your conclusion.

I am prepared to place my balls on a block to say that based on your current calculation and understanding, you are not going to fully comprehend the potential future value of ADA and in 2 years I ask that you look at this posting again and hopefully don’t regret not taking what I am saying to heart.

Wishing you all of the very best… Talking about that, for Cardano, mark my words, the best is truly yet to come!


Supply does not matter, you can have a coin with 1 token overall and it will work perfectly okay.

Its only measurement system, “1km” is totally same as “1000 meters” or “100000 centimeters”
If it will help here’s the table which shows price if supply would be “1 000 000” (Per 1 mil. column) so it is easy to compare coins.

As you see if current supply of Cardano would be 1 million 1ADA would cost 779$ and 1 BTC (if supply of BTC would be 1 million) would cost 144879$

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