ADA organic value creation and stakeholder, relating to ROI?

Browsing to try and get the feel of this appealing project, it strikes difficult to see where ADA belongs and creates value as ROI.

  • Cardano foundation is supervising the Cardano Blockchain, which is then a cost center.
  • The blockchain itself appears not connected to ADA as investment and is supposed to maintain own cost, which sounds like a non profit target.
  • IOHK is holding the commercial part and will create value, but didn’t stumble upon the connection between IOHK and ADA capital injection.

Need help to try and kill a thought that ADA could be funding the development and supervision of Cardano Blockchain, but the commercial value of apps running on it, is owned and managed separately in IOHK with no ROI to ADA holders?
This must off course be a wrong impression, but it would be greatly appreciated if a kind person could point me in the right direction on this relationship and ADA profitability?

In other words: What creates organic development and value in an open source non profit blockchain and supervisor foundation, funded by ADA holders?

Thank you in advance for any help on clarifying.


I just added to this thread, Feb 1, 18 Crypto Grinders Interview with Charles H, which will help you in your quest.

Let me know what you get from it.


Return on Investment? I don’t think IOHK’s purpose in developing cardano sl/cl is to pad people’s fiat bank accounts with percentage returns. If they are successful in building a secure scaleable blockchain that can run sidechains the likelihood you would convert back to fiat would be rather low. If on the other hand your looking for a quick return on investment you best look elsewhere. Developing software takes a tremendous amount of time especially at the level IOHK is doing.

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Thank you very much Jonathan.
Very informative and I threw in a long term stake, despite ADA has had a bull run already and the huge volume is a risk of decline. This project appears more serious than most I have had the time to look into, so betting on future global domination will end up justifying the volume:-)
Appreciate your help.

Best regards

Thank you very much for the thoughts. The questions is relevant for long time investment only, trying to look past the speculative stunts and hype going on in crypto plus deeply corrupted info on newsgroups etc, as a firm believer in the future of blockchain and very impressed by Cardano project.
Hope I can admit to consider investment with hopes of future gains in a couple of years time, as crypto will otherwise only represent risks of loosing money.

The initial experience from a newbie in crypto, is that some projects are extremely multilayered with projects upon projects, showing up with weekly steps, and it is not transparent what part of the project layers you are really investing in or which will be the train for the future growth.

This layer upon layer of investment is a huge risk and I was simply hoping Cardano is different, in the attempt of differentiating between solid projects and hypes (With the limited time of having own business to take care of). Risks are fine, as long as they are upfront in transparency, and we fall or win on a fair upfront 1:1 scale.

In any case, I decided Cardano is a go despite not 100% clear yet, and have parked and will forget for a while a sum of ADA in Daedalus, hoping it means I have a solid stake in an awesome project to hold and be proud of for years to come.

Appreciate you taking time to reply on the initial question, its all a help.


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I don’t think you’ll find a more transparent blockchain project. A forward looking person, such as yourself, can look at the current debt based economies of the world and see its not a sustainable model for humans. If this project is successful in scaling without security issues the value will outweigh that of debt based notes. A transparent functional way to bridge languages and borders is the target IOHK is trying to hit. Good luck in your endeavors Soren!

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