Ada stolen from staff on telegram

Hi, Fabian and lgbeano staff of cardano official telegram group stolen my ada. They use their social power for sent him by a site my seed phrase, i see that they are ambassators and administrator and i do the procedure for validate. I have one screen with their message. i know i don’t have back my ada but they are very bad people

He use the site [Link removed by @Zyroxa] for take the seed phrase.

Nope, that were not them, but scammers pretending to be them.

Always verify the user name, when someone writes to you on Telegram.

And just deny, block and spam-notify everyone DMing you unsolicited.

Hi i think you are accusing me but as i already told you via Telegram, there are scammers which are using the profile picture and other information to copy the profiles from us.

Always check and verify the usernames as they are unique on TG.

No matter who you think you are communicating with, you should never ever send your seed phrase to someone. It is very difficult to know for sure who you are actually communicating with.

And yet, we also tell people quite often to use and input their seed phrase there to check on some problems.

Communicating the differences – we don’t do it in DMs, you can search these forums for lots of posts saying the same, … – is possible, but not that easy.

Indeed not. I have scammers calling me from ”Mastercard” and they all want me to give access to my bank account. They all have Indian accent and sometimes you hear other scammers in the background telling the same to other people. Sometimes they claim to speak on behalf of ”Microsoft” or ”Windows”. These guys want to ”remove hardware” so they can charge for their ”service”

The fact that you get these calls is because this schem works every now and then, so, yes, communicating what you should never do is a real challenge.

I like to play with these scammers. The other day someone called me from ”Visa”, claiming I had to do something to prevent theft. So I pretended to fall for it. When the scammer thought he had me hooked I asked him ”Which of my visa cards are we talking about, give me the card number”.

He got very surprised and had trouble coming up with something which made the conversation memorable. Ha ha!!

In Sweden we have something called BankID which you can use for all kinds of identification purposes. However, of someone calls you and wants you to use it, ypu have a scammer on the other side.

Scammers learn how these things work and where the weaknesses are. Normal people don’t.