ADA swap to stable coins - best (cheap) option

Some time (hopefully many months away) when the bull market gets close to the top, I’ll want to swap my ADA for stable coins and wait for the inevitable bottom to buy more ADA
What are the best/cheapest option to swap ADA for DAI; USDC and BUSD?
Still very much a noob, so any advice will be much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

Good question, having now thought about it (and done a bit of research)
My pref would be for USDC

Good luck

Yep - agreed. Where would be the cheapest place to do the swap?

The best answer i can give you, it depends where you are in the world as to which exchange you can use.
Here’s a link to the main markets that support Cardano to trade on COINMARKETCAP

You can just go straight to the individual exchange website and open up an account or i have referral link to some of them.

Once your converted to USDC there a few good sites to hold your stablecoin and earn staking rewards.
Here’s my link If you wish to earn a good rate for holding USDC on Swissborg at

Thanx so much Mark. will check it out :slight_smile:

Hi, first of all that could go horribly wrong, but may be not. But if you really want to do that, if I understand the upcoming AgeUSD Stablecoin correctly, you will put your ADA into the protocol and get you USD value out of it. So that you can stay in the Cardano ecosystem. I would be looking for the AgeUSD Stable Coin. :blush:

Thanx Hannes = will take a look

Hi Hannes, i’m looking forward to the development of the AgeUSD, (think it was only announced the other day), do we have idea when it will be launched and where it will be available ? loving the development of the Cardano eco-system and any alternatives that give us options is why i’m in Cardano. Closely following Catalyst to see what else is coming down the line😊

Hi, i think when gougen is here. It was announced at the ergo summit. At 1:50
Developed from Ergo, Emurgo and IOHK