ADA swap to stable coins - cheapest option

Some time (hopefully many months away) when the bull market gets close to the top, I’ll want to swap my ADA for stable coins and wait for the inevitable bottom to buy more ADA
What are the best/cheapest option to swap ADA for DAI; USDC and BUSD?
Any advice will be much appreciated :slight_smile:

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I am working on this in case Ada goes way above my price targets and I just couldn’t stomach going through a larger prolonged drop. I have a list of things to study. However, I am curious of the we foresee the stable coin announced on Ada to be able to be held in Daedalus. And if conversion directly within Daedalus this would be tremendously valuable and worth a premium of conversion costs in my opinion. Anyone have any thoughts on this??

(One should be mindful that in the US, 40pct tax should be prepared for. Assuming short term large gain that is. 40pct is a built in threshold reason to consider holding past 12mo or through a longer bear market). This is In addition to considering staking rewards thoughout a continued hold.