ADA to be supported on hardware wallet?


Hello everyone,
Does someone know if there are any plans or rumours about ADA to be supported on hardware wallets like the Ledger Nano S?
I think it will be a good step for Cardano to be placed on hardware wallets eventhough Cardano is still young.


i think daedalus is good enough plus paper wallet coming in few months


Good enough until a key logger steals your PW. It is a good wallet but cold storage is a necessity. Support by a hardware wallet would be ideal.


Well, keep the computer security high.
Avoid install unknown software, keep updates up and get some protective applications. Surely will cost you less than a nowadays bitcoin transfer fee.


I suppose cold wallets and light wallets will make the network less efficient since POS depends on each user acting as a node.


Yea, well, those users do not profit from staking.
All good, their decision.