ADA website payment processing

I am looking at accepting ADA payments on my website but can’t seem to figure out the best way to do this

So far the potential solutions i can think of are as follows but none are ideal

  • syre protocol and payment urls but your wallet needs to support these features - unacceptable really
  • just send user a deposit address and get them to send the funds directly, monitor address for the exact amount and match up orders based on transaction value - imprecise
  • same as previous except create a new address for every order removing the guess work on identifying transaction - inefficient but workable

any other, better approaches that i’ve missed? i guess i could just use adapay or maybe I should just wait until shelley is launched

Hello @franco,
at the end of November COTI will launch the adaPay solution that was announced in October. If you don’t want to implement a solution by yourself that might be a great way to achieve this.


yes, i mentioned adapay… but this is using someone elses infrastructure, i’d prefer not to, i think i’ll just create a new address for each order… unless someone can offer a better solution for tracking payments/invoices

Sorry, indeed I stopped reading after “any other, better approaches that i’ve missed?”

You are right, one address per order will be mandatory otherwise you cannot assign the payment to the order.

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maybe round down to the nearest ADA and then append the order number in lovelaces

You are sure that you can offer what @franco is looking for? From your website: “Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)”