ADA Online Payment service?

What are the best ADA Payment Services to use within an online shop?

So far i tested:
NOWPayments - slick api but still pretty barebones.
ADApay - only on request (and didn’t respond to my requests)

I suppose there will be a lot more services as soon as smart contracts hit the mainnet. But I am looking for a solution I can use now.

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Hey @jochen

im not so depp into the technical things, but does you already looked at
ADApay from coti?

Save the Children also use this payment gateway for their donations. Just for me they look more serious, just because the cardano foundation has welcomed them in one of their posts.
Here the link to ther ADApay donations site: ADApay - Save the Children

Maybe you can get in contact with them?

I hope that this maybe helps you.
Am i allowed to ask for which online-shop you need this? I think its good for our community if we can see how this cryptocurrency gets adapted by more and more people. :smiley:

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Hi @Jonny22,
thnx for you answer.
I tried to get in contact with ADApay, but somehow they didn’t respond. I thinks currently they are in some sort of closes beta.


maybe they are just overwhelmed from the applications. I mean if you search for ADApay on this forum, the cardano website or just google they are on the first site!
And it could be some more stressfull, i mean we are very close to the smart contract launch where maybe every one want to be an part of cardano :smiley:

Oh i See you have already wrote it in your first post. Sorry…
I just wondering about because they have multiple sites:
adapay . finance
adapay . coti . io
and some more, so well i mean double is better than just once ^^

Yes probably they are overwhelmed… that’s probably part of being involved in a growing Plattform.
Anyway thanks for your help - I really appreciate it!

Hey there, Kate from NOWPayments here :slight_smile:
I’d love to address all your issues!

“Barebones” - what can we improve in your opinion?


Hi Kate,

thnx for reaching out to me.
Two things are important for us:

  1. Beeing able to cancle a payment. And if ADA is sent to an cancled payment the ADA should be returned to the sender automatically. This way we don’t have to setup this logic on our side. Would be a great feature.
  2. Complience with EU General Data Protection Regulation would be neccesary for our EU operations as well.

Thanks for the reply! I will pass it over to the team and keep you updated!

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