ADA withdrawal to my bank account

On 6/29/21 withdrew a very small amount of Cardano for deposit into my bank account just to be sure it worked correctly before I do larger quantities. As of today the deposit has STILL not arrived. I made sure that my bank account was white listed. I see it says confirmations 998/300. IDK what this means. Can someone please advise about all of this. Thanks.


What do you mean with bank account? Are you talking about an exchange? If so you would have to contact their support.

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No I mean I withdrew a small amount of Cardano to test a deposit to my bank account in USD. It still has not arrived.

Im sorry but i dont really get what you mean. You cant transfer your ADA to your bank account.

To what address did you send your coins?

You can do that through an exchange like coinbase, binance etc.
Convert your ADA to USD and then send them to your bank account

You would have to convert your ADA to USD before you are able to transfer them to your bank account.

Im not really sure what you did there, but you might want to reach out coinbase support.


Wondering why exchanges let customers to write an “invalid” address when they want to withdraw ADA

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Your picture says deposit, not withdrawal… :thinking: