Advantages of an independent goal & objective setting process

Funding categories + Independent objective setting process

Advantages of an independent goal & objective setting process:

  • Supports dynamically changing goals & objectives
  • Simple
  • Lower community & governance effort
  • Increases opportunity for more engagement
  • Less easy to break
  • Increases competition between goals & objectives

Challenge setting mixing goals and objective with funding categorisation

Issues with challenge settings mixing goals and objectives with funding categorisation:

  • Lower flexibility
  • More restrictive & exclusionary
  • Increased risk of poor outcomes
  • Higher complexity
  • Poor scalability

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Do the funding categorisations and the goals and objectives have budgets in this proposal? How do they interact?

Doen’t this just replace the rather arbitrary challenges – with the problem of sorting proposals to them – with two equally arbitrary dimensions – also with the same problem of sorting proposals into them?

Maybe, we should just abolish that all and just have proposals that are all in competition without any categorisation.

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Yes exactly that is a possible future option as well!

So funding categories really focusses on the importance of using broad, recurring and inclusive categorisation.

This means that having a single bucket for all proposals is actually a very appealing option!

The thing that pushes us away from proposing that in the very short term is we don’t have the voting infrastructure with tags, filters and integration of different objectives and goals on proposals yet. The voting experience would likely be chaotic.

We are going to suggest two alternative categorisation approaches which is a single category and also two categories as some options to consider in the near future.

Funding categories has the aim to replace challenge settings which as you note can be arbitrary and also are easy to break in many situations. Moving the goals and objectives outside this process allows the flexibility of the community going through that optionally and being able to interact with as many or as little as possible. Mixing with funding categorisation means voters have to make complex decisions and have a very high depth of understanding to make well informed categorisation decisions which aren’t necessary and doesn’t scale.

To think about how goals and objectives would be integrated into the voting process check this analysis out - Integrating Goals & Objectives Into Voting - Funding Categorisation Analysis