Africa’s challenging healthcare system

  • Billions of dollars in international aid and Government funds are provided annually to fund healthcare in emerging economies
  • Management and tracking this huge investment is an ongoing challenge
  • Life expectancies are less than 65 years in some countries with treatable conditions
  • Average incomes are around $2 per day, so people are often reluctant to spend on a visit to a medical clinic.
  • The healthcare system records are still paper-based leading to inaccuracies and lost patient information.
  • diseases like HIV Tuberculosis and COVID 19 are poorly managed.
  • Theft, stock-outs and inappropriate prescribing reduce the impact of investment in some countries.
  • Lack of transparency in recording, duplication of treatment, poor coordination between clinics and pharmacies.
  • Shortage of skilled healthcare workers leads to inconsistent treatment and poor patient follow-up.
  • Paper-based systems are static, non-shareable.
  • Electronic systems can be expensive, difficult to learn and maintain, and hard to access in smaller clinics.

Don’t you think that every individual has the right to good/equal medical facilities? How do you suggest that Government is going to change it or help in this?