HealthCare for the People

Hi everyone, I just joined and I cannot seem to find anyone interested in developing for healthcare?
Is there anyone out there?
I want to help build a truly patient-centric platform of healthcare delivery that eliminates the need for insurance companies.
Reply here and let’s talk.
Patients need a cost-effective solution that takes back healthcare from insurance company lobbyists and back in the hands of you, the people.
My patients are tired of denials and delays in pre-authorizations and authorizations for needed surgery and procedures and medications and injections.
Healthcare is not a socialist democracy - it is simply a right of the people - all people equally, whatever race, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, region, nation, employment.
How do insurance companies make $Billions and CEOs of those very companies make tens of $Millions in bonuses and yet patients have less coverage and providers are reimbursed less?
Does that make sense?
I believe we can do better.
Please help me help you.

As background, I have worked in academics, public, county, VA and private hospitals, facilities, corporations and industry.
There is too much bureaucracy.
The number of times and hours my staff spend dealing with insurance denials, appeals and prior authorizations and documentation shuffles is beyond ridiculous.
The system is not broken for insurance companies - they are making wonderful profits.
The healthcare system is no longer sustainable for the common people like you and me.

Let’s build a better healthcare model.
If a HIPAA-secure medical record contains everything that defines patient diagnoses and health as well as identifying the pre-existing treatments and conditions, and the patient’s desire for care and identification and privacy rights are confirmed, then is that not a smart contract?
Why do we need a phone call to anyone to authorize treatment?
No faxes, no phone calls or further paperwork.
Healthcare in seconds rather than days or weeks.
Why wait.
We need this now.


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I believe the problem is zero transparency in the pricing. On a basic level, yearly physicals, blood work and regular maintenance the pricing should posted like a restaurant posts cost for a meal. The lack of pricing results in a back and forth with insurance companies and health care providers as each tries to get the most money they can for a piece of gauze wrapped around a cut or something simple.
Now, maybe I am healthy and rather than paying for pricey insurance I would rather pay the posted price for a check up and antibiotics if I need it. Then maybe pay for insurance that covers large procedures or hospitals stays…which hopefully never gets used, this the cost should be more affordable.
The system in the USA is broken, even with insurance wait times are too long, procedures take forever, messages are confusing. I once called ahead to get approval from my insurance company for a Covid antibody test. They told me on the phone they would cover it. Then after the test they denied the claim. I had to call again make them go back to the recorded conversation to get it approved. Another time my wife argued against a bill of $1500 that her insurance should have covered, for over 6 months because the doctor failed to submit the procedure request properly.

Ok I’m done,
Good day all!

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