Cardano project in Haiti, seeking partners

Hi folks! I am developing a Cardano-based project to build a “Registry of Persons with Disabilities” in Haiti. The goal is to solve a variety of problems that I encountered after the earthquake including lack of medical records, no knowledge of who is sick and where they live, lack of a community-based primary care system, and lack of coordination between medical providers. These issues were identified as top priorities in a World Bank study in 2017 which called for new ideas and sources of funding to address the problems. This is a great opportunity to show the power of blockchain technology to the world.

We plan to interview each patient to create a record then assign a digital wallet as part of a “Direct to Patient” donation system that bypasses the Red Cross, Clinton Foundation, etc. Donations will be controlled with smart contracts that ensure the funds are used for medical care from vetted medical providers who take part in the Registry. Empowering patients to chose the best provider for their needs rather than wait for charity care will build a free market health system and save many patients from death by preventable illnesses.

I have an experienced and trusted team in Port-au-Prince ready to start data collection. I am seeking funding and partners to help develop the donation handling and digital wallet system as well as developing a back end that will handle a directory of an estimated 160 hospitals, 800 medical clinics and over 400,000 patients suffering from permanent disabilities in the country.

This will take years to complete but a key milestone is January 2020 which is the 10th anniversary of the earthquake. The world will once again look at Haiti to see if there is any good news. I plan to make this project a key source of that good news which will be noticed by the global media like my last effort was after the quake. Please contact me if interested. Thanks!


Hello @DennisActon,

I viewed your website and sent off an introduction email.

Looking forward to hearing more about the Haiti Blockchain Alliance.


Hi are you helping out with this situation?

Wow Donny, thanks for the link. I actually know Jacob Kushner and was interviewed by him back in 2011. I exchanged emails with him several months ago as well. At the time, he was in Kenya and wasn’t sure where his next assignment would be. I will contact him again. As much as I would love to help launch a blockchain-based land titles project and my original project of electronic medical records in Haiti, I don’t have another dime to put into this. I applied to the Emurgo fellowship program and was interviewed but never heard anything beyond that. Haiti needs blockchain as bad if not worse than Africa and it is a missed opportunity for the Cardano ecosystem to pass it over.