Cardano in Haiti

Hi everyone, I am a long time tech developer and startup guy located north of Boston, USA. I also have years of experience doing work in Haiti and was deeply engaged in the earthquake medical relief effort. Add to that my love and fascination with blockchain technology and I think I am on to something here. I was co-founder of one of the early Etherium token ICOs and have spent the last year developing detailed conceptual plans that address difficult problems in Haiti. I have founded a US-based non profit org called Haiti Blockchain Alliance. We have a full time team in Port-au-Prince comprised of trusted associates I have known since 2010. After much research, we have decided that Cardano is the best platform and we look forward to working with you all.

We have already started planning a data collection effort that will be ground-breaking and will hopefully attract global media attention like we did after the earthquake where we got 3 front page articles in the NY Times in one year.

It is an easy flight to Haiti for me so I will be traveling twice a month to start. I have a talented full time General Manager there who runs the day to day operations. We are based in Port-au-Prince in a 25 room hotel with a conference center where we operated after the earthquake. We pay only for space we use with no monthly lease so our overhead is small. We can hold classes, meetups, conferences and house visiting developers as needed in a safe and centrally located compound near the Canadian Embassy.

I have been following the latest issues with Cardano Foundation and strongly agree with Charles and the Guardians of Cardano. While this plays out, we hope to become IOHK’s “Haiti team” where we move projects forward and consistently produce good news stories about Cardano. We want to help develop the community and establish a larger Caribbean/Central American coalition. Lets get this CF issue dealt with so we can all focus on building Cardano into what we all believe it can be.

Dennis Acton


Welcome to the forum @DennisActon. Great to have you! Haiti Blockchain Alliance and your plans for Haiti sound awesome!!

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FYI the startup that I was part of was Arcade City, a decentralized ridesharing platform that enabled drivers to work independently or form their own regional “transportation network companies” without the centralized corporate structure of Uber and Lyft. I was part of the early brainstorming and proof of concept efforts to build functionality into our app that was far superior to the inflexible Uber app. We had thousands of drivers join up in a short period and things were going quite well until the checkered past of my partner was revealed in social media and the effort started falling apart. I was unable to control the lies and misinformation being put out there, then money started disappearing. My partner’s insider minions demonized me for daring to question him and I had to run like hell abandoning 7 months of full time sweat equity and intellectual capital. At one point Arcade City had a market cap of over $20m but the leader was a fraud and never delivered anything except a facebook page for ride sharing.

The reason I bring this up is that we are all being punished for the actions of arrogant charlatans who are everywhere in this phase of the emerging blockchain market. They can destroy a great project from the inside while most have no idea what is happening. We need to fight that directly but it is crucial that we stay focused on building the community and fostering projects. By getting this good news out into the media, we can communicate to the industry that despite growing pains, Cardano is alive an well. Charles Hoskinson is among the most sincere and brilliant leaders in the blockchain space and I will follow his lead through this.



Very cool! I’m excited to see where this goes and glad to have you as part of the community! Thanks for the transparency as well!


Welcome to the community! Good luck on your project!
I really love to see people working towards building on top of Cardano, please keep us updated.

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Welcome Dennis!

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Hello Dennis, my name is Ashley, im from Canada. Great to have you join in. Welcome on board the Cardano ship! All the best! :slight_smile:

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Hi Dennis.

Don’t know if you are still involved in Cardano but this project may be a good candidate for the Catalyst project where the community votes on worthy projects to fund. Let me know if you want more information on it.