Hello from US. Looking to build a team to build a decentralized health records platform on ADA

Hi everyone, I am a gastroenterologist in Huntsville, Alabama, who has been working on building a web app to help individuals own their own medical data. We built an application using java, mongo, and bootstrap, but would like to pivot and build something similar on a blockchain. This will increase security, autonomy, and privacy.

I am not a programmer by trade, but have been following ADA and other cryptos for the last year. If you are interested, PM me


Hello! and welcome to the Cardano Forum :smiley:
Sounds like an interesting venture - the Forum is a great place to network and meet people. Good luck!


Hello from Canada! Welcome to the Cardano forum and community! i second that, forum is excellent, if you cant find people on here, you cant find them anywhere else :slight_smile: All the best!